Second release

Our second release

Over the past 6 months we have been carefully sampling single casks of whisky.

For us, there is no Master of Malt or Spirits Manager, instead we work very much as a collective – good old fashioned tastings with friends, family and associates to select the whisky we want to bottle.

The three pillars

We are proud to introduce our second release of three bottlings. We feel these three whiskies truly showcase how diverse whisky can be from one region. It offers a great range of ages and shares the key qualities and characteristics of single cask whisky from their retrospective distilleries.

Whisky for sharing

We are excited that our original retail partners have chosen to fill their shelves with our second release including retailers in Canada and Japan. We are delighted to announce some new UK retailers too. 

In addition, you will find us at a growing number of bars across the UK where we will be hosting a number of tastings. Keep your eyes on our socials to find out when are where!

Single Malt from Glen Garioch Distillery

Distilled in 2009 and matured in a 1st fill bourbon barrel. With sweet aromas of cherry drops, vanilla and jam with further fruits with wood spices on the pallet. We feel this is a superb example of a highland whisky that has been matured solely in 1st fill bourbon for it’s entire life. Bursting with flavour and delightfully multifaceted.

Single Malt from Ardmore Distillery

Distilled in 2006 & matured in a refill hogshead. We chose this cask to showcase both the sweet and smoky flavours of peated whisky. You would be forgiven if you were to assume this was an Islay whisky, if tasting blind. Close your eyes and you can imagine sipping this on an island beach. The wonderful long lasting finish lingers and isn’t one you’ll quickly forget.

Single Malt from Jura Distillery

Distilled in 1992 and matured in a refill bourbon barrel. This cask marries together amazing complexity, depth, balance and flavour. Sweet tropical fruit flavours are combined with hints of floral notes and spices on the palate. This is a real gem and a shining example of how a well aged single cask can differ so much from that of a distilleries typical style or release.

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